Growth means other offices will follow, being strategically located to allow Counseling to Careers services to be

within driving distance for every Veteran.

Each office will ultimately offer clinical office space

with a staff consisting of a doctor, psychologists, art therapists and business professionals.

In addition to behavioral health, C to C will offer the following job services at each location:

  • Help Veterans to identify their acquired education, capabilities and skills, and recognize how they translate into civilian careers. (current service)
    Classes and seminars for Veterans on topics including resume building, interviewing skills and more. (current service)
  • Identify civilian jobs which closely match militarily-acquired skill sets. (current service)
  • Host meetings and seminars with business leaders to educate them about the military education and significant experience our Heroes have to offer. (current service)
  • Work to remove the negative stigma military service has sometimes placed on our Heroes. (current service)
  • Counsel our Veterans with the use of professionals in conventional and alternative PTSD and depression treatments. (planned service)
  • Help launch successful civilian careers! (current service)

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Funding for Expanded Services

At this time, Counseling to Careers is a payroll free, all volunteer force.

As we expand, we will be bringing on salaried and contract employees to ensure our Heroes continue to receive the highest level of care, treatment and career counseling.

While philanthropy is a wonderful thing, Self Sufficiency or “work for pay” will create a larger reach more quickly.

Counseling to Careers intends to utilize such funds for expansion of geographic reach and services.

Currently Counseling to Careers is being contracted to help the sheltered recently homeless at Housing for Homeless.

This has expanded our services to 30 clients at a time.

Counseling to Careers will provide training to career seekers to be funded under two grants based solely upon Our Performance.

Counseling to Careers will hire a doctor, psychologist, and a team to offer free VA enhancements to Veterans and their families. This expansion will be funded through insurance, co-pays and donations for those who have no means.

Services for those who are uninsured will be paid through philanthropy. We turn no one away.

As part of our planned future growth, Counseling to Careers has obtained a CAGE (Commercial and Government Entity) Code. Our plan involves manufacturing, buying and selling goods to the Dept. of Defense. To build the necessary workforce,

we intend to create careers and hire our Heroes directly.

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Through the creation of a self-sustaining charitable organization, Counseling to Careers will ensure help for our Heroes coping with PTSD and depression across a wide geographic area.


 C to C does not deal directly with the 22+ Veterans per day who commit suicide. There are excellent organizations like (22 until Valhalla) who help with emergencies and the aftermath.

“Fight-22” is designed to create an upstream obstruction to Veteran Suicide, providing Counseling to a Career which a war fighter can be proud of. A Career which provides the self-worth to bring us through the critical 50’s. (most veteran suicide occurs during between the age of 50 and 55)

Help Counseling to Careers to heal the wounds in our Heroes’ hearts

Help us offer a life path of the self-esteem and dignity our war fighters have earned.

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