Counseling to Careers has a pipeline to help people with issues related to military service into meaningful careers. Sometimes it is simply translation and career counseling.

Issues directly addressed:

PTSD, Depression, Education, Training, Language & Communication skills (physical and educational)

We offer no cost services:

  • Examine current work history
  • Job searches for your skills
  • Resume rework/rewrite as needed for individual job applications
  • Help with the application process
  • Contact with employer/potential employer on your behalf
  • Mock interviews

We offer Career counseling:

Obstructions to employment.

  • work with your records and DD-214
  • help with VA benefits
  • Tai Chi and Yoga recommendations
  • Hypnotherapy by a licensed and experienced professional
  • Would you like a service dog?  We can place one with you.

We are bigger together:

C to C helps and is helped by other not for profits, organizations, and individuals.

  • Need clothes for your interview?
  • Can you use a nice toiletries kit?
  • Need a bike for transportation to and from work ?
  • Do you abuse drugs or alcohol?

Our network of amazing friends fill in the blanks. C to C can help.

Thank you to Roy Garton, Mary Myers Garton and the wonderful actors and actresses and production team for this the PSA Counseling To Careers by Space Coast Film And Talent Group.  Words do not describe…this film really does… R.Giamporcaro.

We at Counseling to Careers are determined to help!