Counseling to Careers was incorporated in August 2013 and attained 501(c)3 status in July 2014.

Since late 2014 we have operated a small base office in Titusville Florida, bringing services to our Veterans around Brevard County Florida. With this business model we were able to bring employment services and counseling to about 4 to 5 Veterans every month.Counseling to Careers’ newest public office was opened in Titusville in early May 2016. This expansion now enables our all-volunteer staff to reach up to 22 Veterans at a time! Most recently, having partnered with Housing for Homeless, we have assisted 15 recently homeless Veterans.

Since May, we have placed nine Veterans into good jobs. Of the original 15, two have moved from shelter into their own apartments. Impressed with our ability to place clients into career paths, HfH has recently contracted with us to expand our reach to their sheltered population in Rockledge Florida.


Our primary office will be opening in Brevard County, Florida in early 2016.

Other offices will follow, being strategically located to allow Counseling to Careers services to be within driving distance for every veteran.

Each office will offer clinical office space, and staff consisting of psychiatrists, psychologists, art therapist and volunteer business professionals.

Through the creation of a self-sustaining charitable organization, C to C will ensure help for our heroes coping with PTSD and depression. We want to help our Heroes get past the wounds in their hearts which can cause these conditions.

In addition to counseling, C to C will offer the following job services:

  • Help Veterans to identify their acquired education, capabilities and skills, and recognize how they translate into civilian careers
  • Classes and seminars for Veterans on topics including resume building, interviewing skills and more
  • Identify civilian jobs which closely match militarily-acquired skill sets
  • Host meetings and seminars with business leaders to educate them about the military education and significant experience our Heroes have to offer
  • Work to remove the negative stigma military service has sometimes placed on our Heroes
  • Help launch successful civilian careers!

Show your support for our Veterans, help us to help them



Malak Hammad

Malak Hammad is the Chairman for the 2016 Gala Committee, One Starry Night. Malak will also be our Master of Ceremonies on 30 September, 2016 at the Hilton Rialto in Melbourne Florida. Thank You Malak for volunteering manage this project to make Counseling to Careers a successful resource for our Veterans and their families.


Linda Libby Giamporcaro

Linda is our Education Coordinator and liaison. She has been an icon of Counseling to Careers for over three years from the initial idea and has stuck with us through some really rough times. Linda is currently a member of our Gala Committee.

Laura1Laura Kutryb

Laura Kutryb is Mrs. Atlantic Coast Galaxy and has a following of thousands.  She has helped Counseling to Careers Veterans by showing her support and bringing our cause to light with many important people in Orange and Brevard Counties Florida.   Laura is an integral part of our Gala Commission working closely with Malak Hammad for the success of our biggest fund raiser of the year.  Thanks again Laura for your wonderful generosity and philanthropy.


Raymond Giamporcaro

My name is Raymond Giamporcaro, and I am a Navy Veteran. I have spent the last year and a half creating “Counseling to Careers, Our Heroes and Families”

It all started a few years ago when I was in conversation with a young man named Mike, who’s story is very similar to my own. Like me, Mike had spent years on a ship protecting all of us while in the U.S. Navy. For Him, it was an honor to serve, but he did sacrifice his most precious college years to provide us with that service. In return, the Navy had sent him to two years of intense schools to learn all about the computer systems aboard our ships.

Mike felt that he could serve out his Navy career with his schooling and, with the next four years of experience and responsibility, he would have no trouble finding civilian work.

Mike lived his life while in the Navy; He got married, and had a child on the way. He didn’t feel at that point that the long deployments were fair to his new family, so he gave up his naval career for civilian life.

Michael applied for many jobs, in which he would have similar, yet less demanding responsibilities, than those he expertly carried out while aboard ship.

Each interview ended the same way. The companies were hiring people with master’s degrees and even PhD’s to do what he was tasked with daily in the Navy! By civilian decree, Mike was deemed unqualified.

Michael realized that when he left the navy, not only had the door closed behind him, but that there were closed doors just about everywhere he looked!

After years of the most impressive responsibilities, Michael became a bench test technician for new circuit boards at a small start up company making $7.50 per hour. This was a job where his peers had just gotten out of high school, and who were trained “on the job”!

Folks, there are too many stories like this, and most are much worse than this one. Stories of men and women who have come back from battles where they have lost close friends in a flash of light and deafening crack.

Luckily, many foundations today are working to deal with PTSD, and others are working to deal with just getting these fine men and women hired: We are doing both.

Unfortunately, there is a much bigger problem today than all of these fine organizations combined can handle; we simply need more help for our returning heroes!